Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stuff that Weighs More than Me: Whale Shark

The sweet chile salmon I had for dinner the other night [recipe here] got me thinking about the biggest fish in the sea, and that my friends is the whale shark.  (Before you get all sassy, regular whales aren't fish, they're mammals--so there nyeah.)  Despite it's organic, low-carb, largely vegetarian diet, this is one big mother of a fish.  And the lovely, gentle whale shark offers further proof that not all big girls live on McDonalds Big Macs and ice cream sundaes.  Here's the stats:

Diet: Plankton, seaweeds and small fish
Length: 18-32.2 feet
Approximate Volume: Similar to a school bus
Average Weight: 20.6 tons

Conclusion: The Whale Shark weighs more than me.

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