Friday, December 16, 2011

Stuff that Weighs More than Me: The Tree At Rockerfeller Center

Photo Credit: ATTRIBUTION. © by James G. Howes, 1987.

2011 Tree Stats:
Type: Norway Spruce
Height: 74 ft.
Width: Approximately 35 ft.
Lights: 30,000 LED lights on five miles of wire
Swarovski Star on Top:  9.5 feet in diameter, weighs 550 pounds
Drinks: 90 gallons of water per day

Weight: The star and the water in the tree alone weigh 1301.5 pounds.  Lights will probably add another 3,000 pounds or so.  The tree itself weighs in at over 12 tons.  Estimated total weight 15 tons.

Conclusion: The 2011 Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center weighs more than me.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Stuff that Weighs More Than Me: Really Big Bed Sculpture

In honor of trying to get more sleep during the holidays, I've been thinking about beds.  And this my friends is a BIG one.  This famous sculpture, entitled "In Bed" is by artist Ron Mueck.  And however big I may feel, I'm pretty sure I'm not as big as THIS lady:

Materials:  Polyester resin, fiberglass, polyurethane, horse hair and cotton
Width: 5.5 ft.
Length: Over 20 ft.
Weight: Unknown, but I'm guessing that  a 20 ft. tall woman weighs more than me.

Conclusion: This woman "In Bed" weighs more than me.

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